Raspberry PI – How to install the drivers for a WiFi dongle with the RealTek ( All in one Script)

The best and easiest way to handle this problem is as following

  1. sudo wget http://www.fars-robotics.net/install-wifi -O /usr/bin/install-wifi
    • Downloads the installation file
  2. sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/install-wifi
    • makes it executable
  3. Installation process
    • sudo install-wifi -c rpi-update
      – check for driver if rpi-update is run.
    • sudo rpi-update
      – if a driver is available you can run rpi-update to update firmware.
    • sudo install-wifi -u rpi-update
      – then update the driver for the new kernel installed by rpi-update.
    • sudo reboot
      – now reboot to update the kernel with the new wifi driver.

Fix Waveshare 7″ touch screen Raspberry Pi


I have been working on a project which requires a 7 inch LCD screen, I brought this display from Amazon. It was working fine with windows.

But when i connect to raspberry pi, i am not getting display and some gray/colored lines moving from random side. Even though connected to HDMI, with some settings in config.txt which is suggested by the company Waveshare

And here is the final configuration that worked for me.

# set current over USB to 1.2A

# overscan to adjust image position

# HDMI config

# 1024×600 display
hdmi_cvt=1024 600 60 3 0 0 0


To convert MIDI files into Arduino sketches

The intention of this experiment to play MIDI tones by using Arduino. This is very easy with some resistors and one speaker.

The components which used are:

1. Arduino UNO

2. Three 470 Ohm Resistors

3. one speaker/buzzer


First thing we need to take some midi sound files .eg: http://www.midiworld.com/download/3826  This is James Bond movie tone.Next thing we need to convert it into Arduino Sketch. For that we need one special software called Miditones. Download latest MidiTones .exe file. This is a command line utility. create one folder and copy-paste Miditones.exe and .midi file which we downloaded earlier .

Burning ATmega 328P-PU boot loader from Raspberry PI

Hi Friends. Welcome to new blog design.I lost all my old blog entries bcoz of server migration.Also this is my 1st post after moving to new company.before all my topics was related to Linux . nowadays I am too much interested in doing electronics projects with AVR.

I took 2 Arduino’s from india and all of sudden one of then is not responding to IDE instructions. Then i was digging through forums and finally came to know that it’s because of corrupted boot loader.I requested some sample chips from Atmel, and they send nearly 6 ATmega 328p chips to my kuwait home address.i thought of install bootloader to the new chips so that i can re use my Arduino.


Microcontrollers are usually programmed through a programmer. This is a piece of hardware you’ll have to make or build…. Unless…. you have a program in your microcontroller that allows installing new firmware without such an external programmer. This piece of software is called a bootloader.

when i started reading this, i thought of install bootloader from another Arduino board. I tried Arduino as ISP method on IDE and that method got failed.Then i tried with my USBAsp programmer, same issue. i am always getting error message on IDE that chip is not responding. And in my connection, i used 15.468 MHZ crystal instead of 16. The thing is it’s very difficult to find electronics components in Kuwait. Also sometimes we won’t get items shipped from out side .